Carver Speed Pad - pixel accurate mouse pad The Nexus Carver Speed Pad allows you to navigate your mouse with razor sharp detail. It is truly pixel-accurate and has a superb speed pad easy-running surface. The Nexus Carver is favourite here in our office, the designers love it and the normal business applications are a breeze to manage. Well....we can go on for hours talking about this mouse pad. But we won't... It is just great!
15,60 EUR


Nexus anti vibration mounting kit Plenty of rubber mounting solutions for your case fans and the CPU fan, soft rubber feet for your case and tie raps to keep the cables nice and tidy together.
9,95 EUR


Nexus NRC-1000, Noise Red. Cab Nexus® NRC-1000, Noise/Speed Reduction Cable reduces fan voltage from 12V to 10 V, reduces fan noise 22,5 cm, 3-pin, often used in combination with PHT-3600
1,50 EUR


Nexus PROLONG - Extend Cooli Nexus® PROLONG - Extend Cooling Extend Lifetime Extend cooling time with 5 minutes after pc has been turned off, connect up to 2 fans, red/greed LED, transparant case
8,00 EUR


Nexus TDD-3000 laptop cooler Nexus® TDD-3000, Heat Pipe technology laptop cooler no electricity, no noise, no installation
24,50 EUR


Security Lock Kit The Nexus security lock kit is an ideal solution to secure your expensive computer components. Do you have PC's at locations where many people have access to it? For example at fairs, tradeshows, LAN parties, libraries, offices, etc. Do you have private or confidential information on your hard disk? Prevent your hard disk from being stolen by securing it to the case using one or more security locks. Prevent theft by securing your expensive AGP card or other components to the PC chassis and prevent unauthorized opening of the PC case.
5,95 EUR