Noise absorption

Nexus DampTek, Noise Abs. Mat Nexus® DampTek, Noise Absorption Material w. adhesive 3 sheets of 40x50 cm / 15.7x19.7 inch, each sheet consists of a barrier layer to isolate and a foam layer to absorb the multiple frequencies, fire ...
28,00 EUR


DampTek® Blocks - Noise Absorption Block Kit Nexus DampTek® has been recognized as superb noise absorption material to eliminated any noise coming from the inside of the case. The DampTek sheets are very useful for the side panels and flat surfaces in the case. Now with the DampTek blocks you are able to fill up any unused drive bays to create even more absorption surface. You may think....mwaww... 4 little blocks will not make any difference.... Well, you will be surprised! Especially when you are any where near the front of your PC case. With the Nexus DampTek Block kit lots of noise and frequencies are eliminated directly at the source, such as the Hard Disks or DVD player. If you aim to make a true quiet system...these blocks are like icing on the cake!
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